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Services and advantages

  • Quality assurance

    All products produced by our company have reached the international machinery manufacturing standards, and the quality is guaranteed.

  • Fast service

    The company's sales network spreads all over the country, forming a sales network with Shandong as the center and radiating the whole country.

  • Production Process

    The company has 2 internationally advanced melting and casting production lines, 7 extrusion production lines and 1 oxidation electrophoresis production line.

  • Technical team

    The company has more than 600 employees, of which 30% are management and technical personnel with college education or above.



  Linyi Samick Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive large modern aluminum profile enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and marketing, with the total project investment of RMB 150 million, an area of 530,000m2 and the annual project productivity of 100,000 tons. Our main products include aluminum oxide profiles, colored electrophoretic painted aluminum profiles, electrostatic powder coating aluminum profiles and heat insulation break bridge aluminum profiles.  At the first phase, our company has 2 melting and casting lines, 7 extrusion lines and 1 oxidation electrophoresis p...




  • 03 2019-06

    Temperature Setting and Contro

    Aluminum profile is one of the main products of Linyi Aluminum Profile Factory. The product quality is excellent, the pr...

  • 03 2019-06

    What are the processing method

    With the continuous improvement and development of social level and production technology, industrial aluminium alloy pr...

  • 03 2019-06

    Basic Characteristics of Alumi

    The staff of Linyi Aluminum Profile want to tell us here that industrial Aluminum Profile is a kind of alloy material wi...

  • 03 2019-06

    Analysis of treatment methods

    The surface problems of aluminium profiles in the process of mechanical processing will also be oxidized after film form...

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